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Infants/ 6 weeks- 1 Year

We believe infant care should be based on relationship building and child-directed learning. Patient, nurturing, friendly, and responsive caregivers in a peaceful, comforting, welcoming environment care for our infants. Their daily interactions are addressed with a smile, soft voices, and continual eye contact, ensuring all needs are met. Weekly lesson plans consist of looking at each individual infant’s developmental growth and achievement, stimulating their cognitive, emotional, and physical development. A daily sheet is sent home communicating with families their child’s progress. The ratio is one teacher per four infants and the room capacity is eight children total.

Wobblers/1 Year old

As they learn how to walk and talk, wobblers want to go everywhere and do everything. They are curious about the world around them and all of its functions. In a safe, organized environment, our wobblers are introduced to daily exploration, exercise and tons of language building. As we encourage social communication, sign language is incorporated into the curriculum, helping our wobbler express their wants and needs to teachers and friends. Wobblers are given a variety of choices for learning experiences that help develop their cognitive development, personality, communication skills, behavior, health and so much more. The ratio is one teacher per five children and the room capacity is ten children total.