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Preschool Program (2 years +)

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Preschool (2 years +)

Throughout the preschool program, children will learn a strong sense of community. Students explore their neighborhood, learning about the many people who support the community and their purpose. We place great emphasis on fostering independence skills, developing positive self-confidence, and instilling a strong sense of pride in personal growth and achievement. Our curriculum offers an abundance of opportunities for learning through the different classroom learning centers that allow children to become active participants. Our daily schedule consists of circle time, one-on-one and small group instruction, outdoor recreational play/exploration, music and movement, and hands-on educational skill sets. Through constant active participation, children learn how to work in groups and gain a sense of belonging. They develop and share their excitement for learning through the hard work of both the parents and the teachers. We work closely with families to encourage healthy eating habits, potty training, and more.