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Wobbler Teachers

Miss Rosmery Gonzalez

Miss Rosmery is a very patient and caring teacher. She has a strong passion to work with young children. Rosmery loves to watch children's developmental process, learning new skills and milestones. She finds the wobbler age the most exciting age group, from taking their very first steps to their blooming personalities. One of Miss Rosmery’s goal's as a wobbler teacher, is for the children to learn to identify some shapes, colors, numbers, independently eat, and beginning to build friendships, prior to transitioning in to the toddler program.

Miss Jennelyn has just recently moved from being an Infant room teacher to the Wobbler room. She has an Associates Degree in Early Childhood Education. Miss Jennelyn is also a mother to two young boys.

Miss Belkys Pena

Miss Belkys is a responsible and enthusiastic teacher. She has been working with children for the past nine years, and has taken a lot from her experiences. In her free time, she enjoys cooking; it allows her to relax and get creative! She also enjoys reading a good book. For Miss Belkys, working with children is more than just work. It lets her give something to the future. She feels that teaching gives her the opportunity to give children love, security, and help them to discover new experiences around in the classroom environment. Miss Belkys also learns from the children everyday, encouraging her to find resources to better herself as a teacher.

Miss India Taylor

Miss India is an outgoing individual who enjoys art, reading, bowling, and learning new things. Her personal philosophy as a teacher is to provide an interesting and challenging learning environment where students can flourish socially and academically. Miss India believes teaching isn't a job, it's a mission.